Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Bed Grow your own organic herbs and vegetables using a Greenlife raised garden bed. Manufactured using high-quality anti-rust galvanised steel, we have a great range of garden beds to choose from to suit any size outdoor space.

There are many benefits to growing vegetables in raised garden beds; they keep your garden looking neat and organised whilst the use of clean, loose soil makes it easier to control weeds, provides good aeration and drainage, and helps to keep the critters off your treasured veggies! For those with limited space or less time to dedicate to gardening, a Square Garden Bed is an easy way to start a home vegetable garden or grow your favourite flowers.

The Slimline Raised Garden Bed is perfect for narrow areas such as down the side of the house.

For the more devoted gardener, a Large Raised Garden Bed will give you plenty of room and opportunity to produce fresh and organic homegrown vegetables year-round. Feed the family from your own backyard! The Patio Garden Bed comes with a base that makes it ideal for hard surfaces like courtyards and balconies.