Adjustable Dumbbells

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These sets are perfect if you're tight on space, and they cost a lot less than a full rack of weights. Just two adjustable dumbbells can take the place of an entire rack of ordinary dumbbells. Being able to quickly set the weight or your dumbbell with the turn of a dial gives you a very neat and economical alternative to having free weights and weight bars lying around your floor. From bicep curls to tricep presses and fortified lunges, the best adjustable dumbbells are simple to use and allow you to flip through weight ranges quickly. A quality weight set combined with a weight bench is the perfect start to your home gym.


Adjustable dumbbell set specification

When purchasing your adjustable dumbbells, you'll need to consider your required weight range, preferred material, and ideal method for locking the weight plates in place. Adjustable dumbbells come in pairs so that you can perform workout routines like lateral raises, step-ups, and weighted lunges. The sets also include dumbbell holders, so you can keep your equipment organised and ready to use for your upcoming workout sessions. You can match our adjustable dumbbells with our other weight lifting gear, such as barbells, weight plates and other accessories. Bring the experience of a total dumbbell weight set to your home with this efficient, easy-to-manage, adjustable weight set.