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      Kevin Doyle 

Hello, my names Kevin Doyle and I like to welcome you to Factory Direct Shop affiliate program, firstly let me give you a quick rundown about Factory Direct Shop and then I will give you more insight on our affiliate program and how it will benefit you.

About: Factory Direct Shop

Sport has always been my passion as a teenager I was actively involved in a wide range of sporting activities these included marathon running, squash, road cycling, mountain biking, surfing and rugby to name just a few. As I involved over the years I settled for gym training as my preferred sport. The reason I started Factory Direct Shop was I found it frustrating and time-consuming looking for activewear clothing, I spent hours surfing from one website to the other only to be put off by over-priced clothing or high shipping costs. In late 2016 I had put together a list of manufacturers from around the world and started purchasing from them since then our database has expanded to hundreds of manufacturers, it wasn’t long before I established Factory Direct Shop and started uploading products and now 2 years later we sell all over the world.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate with us

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What commissions can I make and when will I be Paid?
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