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A great way to help your business stand out is to supplement your web presence with a memorable printed catalog.

Catalogs give your customers inspiration to engage with your brand or head online to make purchases.


A catalog of golf apparel with a theme of adventure might be ideal for a short landscape catalog that showcases products against the rolling hills on long golf holes.

A thick, traditional, magazine-sized brochure might be perfect for the dense descriptions needed of a tech company’s product offerings.


There are no right or wrong answers to any of these layout design questions. What’s key is to create consistency. The entire catalog should feel like a cohesive whole.

If you’ve ever worked on a brochure design, a catalog is a similar type of endeavor — like a business card for your products.


Contrast that with Anthropologie, which takes a more art house approach, laying products out in creative and colorful spreads to evoke a sense of place. Explore even more catalog designs and concepts on Behance to kick-start your creative juices.


Whatever design elements you choose, make sure they are consistent with existing branding in both familiar and unexpected ways. Your catalog should feel like your company, but look for ways to intrigue both new customers and your established audience alike with elements that surprise and delight.


A digital catalog allows you to create exciting and experimental digital spaces that are separate from your e-commerce store.

Create an interactive journey through your products, filled with videos, blogs, and other content blocks. Many of the principles of designing a compelling print catalog apply here too.

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